Today, media monitoring has, to a large extent become a commodity. But, the difference between monitoring consumers and creating a deep understanding of a consumer’s relationship to your product, combined with an actionable plan to use this knowledge remains elusive. 

We developed proprietary systems to solve this problem for one reason: After in-depth reviews of over 50 services on the market at all price points, we found that — despite claims to the contrary — no service met our needs for comprehensive coverage across the full specturm of consumer discussions on the Web. In particular, we found that product reviews–where consumers directly discuss their likes and concerns about your product–in many venues — are often ignored. As a consequence, we developed a proprietary network of monitoring services to capture what matters, every time, and everywhere.

Media monitoring, properly implemented, can play a central role in developing profitable sales growth initiatives, winning new product launches, successful product repositioning and reinvention, and the understanding of specific competitive dynamics.

However, these benefits are not the result of massive data grabs related to consumer comments and analysis of sentiments. Rather, our proprietary capabilities are designed to weed through the cacophony of noise and to determine what comments matter and why. In our experience, actionable insights are typically generated by one in every 45 consumer comments.

We rapidly isolate the actionable insights about client products and their competitors. For many clients, the  proprietary Five Point Process which we developed after working with numerous clients, meets their needs. This Program scores the customer feedback on client products and their competitors, thereby providing rapid, easy to understand, analysis of the competitive strengths and weaknesses of our clients as seen by consumers. 

There is a central question every recipient of a data report or an analysis must ask: So what?

Our work is geared to asking this question, and answering, long before we report back to clients. Our team is led by former corporate executives who have all had the frustrating experience of receiving packets of 50+ charts with lot’s of information and no actionable wisdom

The mental filter we apply to all of our work is oriented toward developing a realistic action plan based on the findings of our analyses.  We are successful digital and social media marketers as well as analysts. We combine our findings with our deep knowledge of social media capabilities, to provide clients with clear findings for action, and cost-effective paths for acting on these results.

In some cases, clients ask us to design, implement and run these actionable solutions. In other cases, we will assist internal teams in setting up these new initiatives. There is, however, one thing we never do:  Leave the client without a clear, cost-effective path to increased success.

Judson Social Media has developed, and successfully implemented, proprietary techniques to use evolving social media platforms, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube to drive highly targeted leads for businesses and subsequent sales.  By monitoring conversations taking place across the nation, Judson Social Media is able to pinpoint business prospects, and then implement a strategy designed to build awareness among these highly targeted prospects of the client’s brand, convert the prospect to a sale, and ultimately transform this individual or entity into a brand ambassador that actively promotes the value of the client’s product.

Recent research repeatedly demonstrates the important role recommendations via social media now play in the consumer purchase process. In effect, social media has become a central vehicle for valuable word-of-mouth marketing. Judson Social Media uses its expertise, and results-oriented systems, to harness this increasingly valuable asset for clients.

Your customers are mobile and to succeed you must be mobile too. We are leading innovators in mobile marketing in two distinct approaches:

First, we create, implement, and manage large-scale mobile Web sites at a fraction of the time, and the cost of traditional entities. From the start to the finish, we create large, customized mobile Web sites, that are customer-ready, in under three months. Moreover, our unique technology ensures that we never miss a deployment deadline.

Second, success in mobile marketing also requires firms to develop innovative, mobile optimized capabilities. Consumer behavior is different on the Web versus on the phone versus in a store. The mobile phone also provides marketers with a new set of marketing capabilities:  from permission based SMS to GPS-based options, to a variety of other innovative services. We listen to your needs, analyze the behavior of customers and prospects, and develop proprietary programs to allow your business to realize the sale-enhancing potential created by the mobile revolution.


With deep experience, we view Twitter as a potentially valuable tool for building brand awareness, word-of-mouth and sales.  Like email, Twitter is effectively an opt-in vehicle that allows firms to maintain an ongoing presence with prospects, and direct existing and prospective customers to specific firm offerings.

Our deep experience with Twitter has led us to develop a set of working principles for using Twitter to build sales and word-of-mouth marketing. At the same time, we have found that clients may want to work with us in vastly different ways: Some clients are looking for an analysis of what they could be doing better, and on-the-job training in best practices for their personnel. For these clients, whether large or small, we have developed our Twitter Audit (which assesses the volume of Twitter Followers of a client, and the engagement of these Followers) as well as our coaching program.

In other cases, clients ask us to develop, implement and operate systems for growing a Twitter follower-base and Twitter engagement.

In essence, we have developed the expertise, and an approach, to work with clients of all sizes, to provide them with the services that meet their specific needs, and most effectively take advantage of in-house resources.